Our Services

Custom Window Treatments
Window treatments are like icing on a cupcake. The cake itself may be very tasty, but it is not a cupcake without the icing. Just like your house may be very nicely decorated, it is just not as homey without fabulous window treatments. They are the finishing touches if you have all of your other bases covered and, if you are just getting started, window treatments are the second most impactful decorative presence in your home.

Custom Bedding
Your bedroom should be your retreat from the chaos of the rest of your life so you should feel fabulous about your bedding. Custom bedding is a luxury and your master bedroom is one place to splurge, but custom bedding does not have to be out of reach or unaffordable. Relax and enjoy your Glamm-orous master suite and wrap yourself in gorgeous bedding created exclusively for you by the talented decorators of Glamm Interiors.

Paint Consultation and Decorative Faux Painting
The paint colors and faux paint techniques you select for your home are the key elements of any decorative style. The wrong paint colors on your walls and ceilings, or worse, no special colors, can make all of your decorating choices seem drab and dull. The right paint colors and faux paint techniques can make a room "pop”. If your budget is limited, like it is for most people, start with fabulous paint colors or even a faux paint technique. This will be the single greatest investment you can make in your home decorating plan, other than your furniture.

Remodel Consultation
So you have decided to gut your master bathroom…now what? You know you do not like what you have, and you may even know what you like, but you have no idea where to start. Let the decorative minds of Glamm Interiors guide you through this entire process. We can provide the direction you need to create a fabulously appointed master bathroom sanctuary, or whatever room you are remodeling.

New Construction Consultation
You have selected the plans for your dream house, or even your pre-dream house, but now you need to select everything from the floors to the ceilings and everything in between. Glamm Interiors decorators can create a pan, walk you through all selections, one room at a time, and even help you pick brick, stone and paint for your new home’s exterior.

Custom Furniture & Upholstery
Have you been searching and searching, but you just cannot find that perfect accent chair, sofa or even a headboard? Well, search no more…custom furniture is not out of your reach! You may also be able to re-upholster an existing piece and bring a whole new life to your "old" furniture. Let Glamm Interiors help you find that perfect piece or help you choose fabric to make something you already have look brand new. Whatever you do, don't give up. Furniture shopping can be a nightmare, but we can help you furnish your dreams.

Home Décor & Accessories
The items you use to accent your home décor can really bring everything together. Unfortunately, many people have misplaced items or they have tried too hard to accessorize and end up setting out too many pieces. The decorators of Glamm Interiors can work with you to place your existing accessories or we can do all of the shopping and placement for you, to fill an empty space or an entire room.

Holiday Décor
Your home should look fabulous for the holidays and the decorators of Glamm Interiors can make that happen. If you want to use your existing holiday decorations, add to what you have or start

Home Staging for Resale
One of the most important considerations as you prepare to sell your house is the buyer.  The buyer needs to fall in love, it's that simple. The buyer needs to see themselves living in your house, raising a family in your house, and even growing old in your house...their house, their new home!  A properly staged house can increase its appeal by transforming it into a warm, inviting home that any buyer would love to call their own. An investment in home staging should result in your home spending less time on the market and we all know, the longer a house stays on the market, the lower the selling price.  Don't try to sell your house without the staging expertise of Glamm Interiors.